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Inspiration comes mainly from nature, creations with their own soul, related to real people and stories. Fragrances transport us to distant times, bring us memories of lived moments or make us dream of others to live.

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For the elaboration of the candles, a secret formula is used in the composition of the wax. The production process is completely handmade with high quality cotton wicks that prevent fumes and whose perfect combustion helps to spread the fragrance to perfume environments in a wide and progressive way. From pouring the wax into each Polish glass container to placing the wicks and labeling, everything is done by hand.

62,00 (I.V.A. incluido)

62,00 (I.V.A. incluido)

62,00 (I.V.A. incluido)

62,00 (I.V.A. incluido)

Great quality

There are many candles (I am in love with them and I think that over the years I consider myself to be an expert, I don’t stop buying and investigating) but ardo candles are unique in terms of the balance that their high quality keeps with the price they have, a candle of this size and quality in a consecrated brand costs more than double. I think I have finally found my header brand. Great quality at a good price.

Begoña Pilarte

How i met a r d o

I met the ardo candles when a couple of friends whom we invited home to dinner brought us a campo-43 as a gift, that same night we lit it and it left us captivated by its special aroma, Over time we have also appreciated its durability and how well it burns. A gift for all the senses of course !! we will repeat at home and also as a gift. Today I just ordered two: air- 40 to try a new one and I’ll repeat with campo-43.

Santiago Colomer

I am captivated by the scent of flor-72

The flor-72 candle has captivated me, when I light it it takes me on a very special trip that my husband and I made and in which the aroma of tuberose and jasmine accompanied us much of it ... how can a well-managed aroma revive those sensations… if we are angry I turn it on and holy remedy…. hahahaha. Very good delivery service too.

Marta Navalón