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a r d o candles elevate the senses to evoke, recreate, promote and dream sensations and unique moments lived or yet to be lived.

Our perfumer, from a careful selection of fragrances that come from the Provence region, has created a unique and aromatic rich collection of candles.

100% natural handcrafted with a masterful formula of vegetable waxes, high quality cotton wicks that prevent fumes and whose perfect combustion helps to diffuse the fragrance in a wide and progressive way.

Poured in a handcrafted manner in Polish glass containers.


Sophisticated, sensual and luxurious floral and woody scent.

It opens with the invigorating notes of red mandarin and bergamot. In the heart black orchid, violet, jasmine and pachouli leaves and completed with hints of vanilla, musk, sandalwood and vetiver.


Green, citric, refreshing, vital and mystical scent.

Characterized by the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lime. Basil, rose and spearmint in the heart leave an aromatic touch that is completed with white musk.


Distinguished scent that does not go unnoticed, captivating and enveloping.

Top notes of basil and ylang ylang. At the heart magnolia, carnation, jasmine and rose blossoms completed with tonka powder.


Citrus and floral combination evocative of Andalusian patios.

Aroma characterized by the vibrant top notes of bitter orange, red mandarin and bergamot. At the heart orange blossom, lily, basil. The base is completed with oak and amber musk.


Lively, untamed and balanced combination of flower essences, gift of nature that opens with bright notes of bergamot, basil and clove, that softens in the heart with the freshness of tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang and that is completed with a base of wild notes.


Inspiring, captivating, renewing, marine and fresh scent.

Top notes of green melon and grapefruit. In its heart, sea air and violet leaves that are completed with a combination of nutmeg, wood cedar, oak moss and solar notes.


Revitalizing scent of pure nature, intense and sensual energy.

Characterized by the vibrant top notes of fresh cut grass, pink grapefruit and lemon, which reflect a universe of unique contrasts. In the heart, green leaves, rose petals and jasmine leave an aromatic touch completed with patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood.


Modern, enveloping, relaxing and evocative scent, hypnotic and fascinating.

Open with the invigorating notes of black pepper, cloves and hints of whisky. In the heart cedar, salmarina and pachouli leaves and completed with nuances of oak moss, ambery wood and sea vapors.


Large  candle a r d o  on request of 2 kg. of weight and with four wicks of cotton.

Choose the color of your jar (white or black)

Choose your favorite fragrance from our entire collection.

This candle is delivered in a bag a r d o  in high quality fabric made by hand.

Price: € 189.97 (tax included)


  • Weight: 2000 gr. – 70,55 Oz.
  • Burning time: 130 to 150 hours
  • Dimensions: H: 16 cm Ø: 17 cm


The first time you light a candle a r d o, burn it until the entire surface is liquid.  Avoid burning it continuously for more than one hour and never burn out the candle completely. Try to leave a centimeter at the bottom. For more tips on how to burn our candles, you can check our space “Burn a candle a r d o “

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    Accessories a r d o


    The a r d o candle snuff is perfect to turn off a candle and the ideal complement to give with a a r d o candle.

    We must never extinguish a candle by blowing, we must do it by canceling the oxygen , we will avoid splashes and soot stains.

    For this, we have chosen this candle snuff with a double function: turn off the flame and use it as a wick cutter to avoid staining the candle.

    Transparent glass bell

    Transparent glass bell. It preserves the aroma of the candles and amplifies their perfume at the same time that it is a very elegant decorative element.

    Dimensions: H: 19.5 cm D: 13 cm