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The story of a r d o began in Cabra in 2018 when two friends, excited and motivated by the same entrepreneurial and creative passion, decided to start an exciting project for both of them. María del Mar made the leap to create her own company, valuing her family’s wax tradition, for his part Guillermo had always dreamed of having his own line of candles in which to express all his creativity and experience in the design of spaces, as well as his knowledge of the raw materials used. As a result, they have created candles in a totally handmade and sustainable way, with a careful and refined image.

The two founders of a r d o collaborated by adding perfume to the candles, reviewing the artisanal techniques for making them and with enthusiasm, imagination and a lot of training, two years later they launched their first collection, with 4 scented candles: flor-72, aire-40 , campo-43 and mar-71.

To choose the aromas, they worked for months with perfumers from the Provence region, and natural oils and essences were used in the production of fragrances.

María del Mar Ridaura López

Graduate in Business Management and Administration

Guillermo Ruiz Merino

Interior Designer and Lawyer

Our Path


In 1940, Eduardo Ridaura founded Velas Ridaura in Cabra, in the province of Córdoba, in the South of Spain. He came from Albaida, Valencia, the cradle of artisanal candle production, where he had learned the trade in one of the most prestigious workshops that have lasted over time.

In its beginnings, it sold candles for domestic use, expanded the manufacture to liturgical candles, candles for religious worship and temples, continuing this line of business today.

Velas Ridaura still preserves the steel roman, the pans, the old steam boiler and the iron molds that were used to shape the candles.

Today, the third generation has incorporated innovation with new products into the artisan tradition and knowledge from so many years.



Interior design studio (residential, contrac, and retail) and product design since 2003, is located in Habitare Store a space of 400 m2 where you can find all the furniture, textiles and decorative items for the house. With unique pieces, experts in incorporating trends and mixing styles.