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Burn a candle

Here are some tips to ensure you have a great experience with your a r d o candle.

The first time you light a candle a r d o, burn it until the entire surface is liquid. The wax should melt evenly to avoid making small holes that will not allow your candle to light properly the next time. Depending on the environmental conditions, it will take more or less time to melt the entire surface. If not necessary, avoid burning it continuously for more than one hour.

Never blow out a candle. Put it out with a candle snuffer or simply covering it with something solid, such as a lid, to eliminate oxygen, in this way we will avoid annoying waste.

Highlights should be trimmed with a highlighter or scissors after each use. You should cut them to a height of about 0.5 cm before turning them back on to avoid the formation of soot.

When you extinguish the candle if the wicks have shifted, you can reposition the wick vertically before the wax solidifies.

Never burn out the candle completely. Try to leave a centimeter at the bottom to prevent the flame from touching the glass.

Be very careful and follow all instructions to avoid fire or injury.

Security instructions

  • Never leave the burning candle unattended.
  • Do not leave the lit candle within the reach of children or pets.
  • Leave a distance of 20 cm between the different lit candles.
  • Do not place the candles near a heat source.
  • Only burn this candle on a level heat resistant surface.
  • Do not expose the candles to drafts.
  • Do not leave matches or other items inside the wax container.
  • Extinguish the candle if it emits smoke, if the flames are too high or when 1 cm of wax remains.